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Our goal is to solve society’s most intractable diseases by synergizing state of the art expertise in research and education in engineering and medicine.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have established the joint Center for Engineering and Precision Medicine (CEPM) that builds on a wealth of shared basic research discoveries, exploits therapeutic innovations, educates the next generation of biomedical leaders, and leads to new products and processes that benefit patients. CEPM is located in midtown Manhattan in New York City. This center leverages the combined expertise of Mount Sinai and Rensselaer in medicine and engineering, and builds upon an established and successful partnership between the two institutions that has led to $70M in shared research funding (>90 percent from the National Institutes of Health) since 2013.

CEPM’s development is grounded in the fact that engineering and engineering science are fundamental to understanding basic biomedical phenomena and associated therapeutic interventions. Indeed, major inventions that have shaped modern medicine were born out of close collaborations of engineers with clinicians, ranging from medical devices and highly sensitive and accurate bioimaging systems to new drug target discovery and accelerated drug discovery. CEPM will be at the forefront of this new arena of inquiry.

CEPM focuses on research and education and the interrelationships between biomedical research and engineering, spanning the molecular to human dimensions.

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